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23-Dec-2017 09:01

This is a relation that works wonderfully during the first months, then you will both have to make some pretty serious efforts! This is where the effort should be made: somebody will have to put his/her foot down and create a solid base for a lasting relationship. and you won't even feel tired because the Air has to move in order to exist. You both are flexible, adjustable signs - maybe even too flexible and adjustable.

hold on, let's count once again: how many are you, in fact? Each of you has two sides, and two multiplied by two... However, it remains to be seen if love at first sight means eternal love. But it's not necessary that you purchase two telephones - seriously, I haven't met one single Gemini that does not spend hours talking to friends, relatives, everybody... Gemini flirts a lot and is impulsive and this might destabilize you. You both are signs for which communication is not just a necessity, but one of the fundamental qualities as well. Mercury, the planet that symbolizes Hermes, Gods' messenger, gives wonderful abilities to a Gemini in this area. you will always be very active, running from one job to another, then to the restaurant, to friends, to a nightclub...

They can easily flit from one interest to another and don many hats as a professional, sports enthusiast, artist, lover, friend, salesperson or hobby companion.

Even though extremely adept at multi-tasking, Geminis however prefer working in short bursts of energy rather than long episodes of concerted hard work.

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While it is easy to be attracted to this vivacious and energetic personality and even to fall in love with them, it is quite difficult to be in a relationship with them. This is because a Gemini is best situated to understand and appreciate each other.

Pay attention to excesses: two Gemini people brought together can overwork themselves, and stress is waiting by the corner!

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